Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 16: IP Phone Installation
To add a site with IP phones, click New and enter the information on the Site IP Address
Range edit page (see Figure 16-2). To delete a site from the list, click the check box to the
left of the site and click the Delete button.
To edit the IP address range for a site:
Step 1 On the IP Address Map List page, in the Site column, click the site for which
you are setting a range. The Site IP Address Range edit page appears as shown
in Figure 16-2.
Step 2 If you are setting the IP address range for a site other than shown in the Site
field, select it from the list.
Step 3 Enter the lowest IP address in the Low IP Address field.
Step 4 Enter the highest IP address in the High IP Address field.
Step 5 If you are setting a range for teleworker IP phones, click the Teleworkers check
Step 6 To set the new range, click Save. You can set ranges for other sites in the system
by clicking Previous or Next.
If a phone is added with an address that is not within a specified range for any
site, or there are no IP address ranges defined for any site, the telephone will be
automatically assigned to the headquarters site. This causes seven-digit
numbers dialed from the IP phone to be dialed as numbers within the area code
of the headquarters site. In addition, this causes all telephone calls to users who
are not at the headquarters to use the configured inter-site voice encoding for
that system.
16.3.5 802.x Authentication
ShoreTel IP Phones have supported 802.1x network authentication since ST 9.
This authentication requires the device to present a userid and a password. 802.1x
is enabled by default. The default SID (userid) of the last 6 characters of the MAC address
of the phone.The passwordmust be entered manually (no default) the first time the phone
boots andis then cached if authentication succeeds.
If 802.1x enabled on the phone and the network is not setup to handle the feature,
the phone will boot as normal.
If upgrading from another firmware that supports 802.1x (3.3.x or 3.4.x), the
previous settings (802.1x on/off, SID, password) will be preserved. If upgrading
from a firmware that does not support 802.1x (2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2) Logical Link
Discovery Protocol (LLDP)will be turned on by default anda default SID of the
last 6 characters of the MAC address will be applied.
16.3.6 DHCP Settings
ShoreTel IP phones are preconfigured to use the network’s DHCP server for addressing. In
addition to its address and standard network addresses, the DHCP server’s response also
provides the following:
ShoreTel server address: The ShoreTel server’s address is used to access and
download the latest telephone application software and the configuration
information for the ShoreTel system.
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