Chapter 16: IP Phone Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 229
SNTP server: The SNTP provides a standard network time to maintain the
telephone’s displayed time and date. ShoreTel Server Address
The ShoreTel server provides the IP phones with the latest application software and the
configuration information that enables the IP phone to be automatically added to the
ShoreTel system. The ShoreTel server’s address must be provided to the phone as a vendor-
specific option. ShorePhones are preconfigured to look for the ShoreTel server’s address to
be specified as Vendor Specific DHCP Option 156. If these options are not available, the
ShoreTel IP phones will use Option 66.
For help on configuring these DHCP Options, see Section 9.7 on page 123. SNTP Server
The DHCP server should be configured to provided the address of your network’s SNTP
server to provide date information to the IP phones.
16.4 Associating a User Group with Unassigned IP
Unassigned IP phones are available for users configured for Any IP Phone. Select the user
group that will have access to unassigned IP phones from the pull-down list.
Since unassigned IP phones are not associated with a user, you cannot report on calls made
from these telephones and associate them with an individual user. It is recommended that
unassigned IP phones be configured with a class of service with minimal calling privileges.
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