ShoreTel 11.1 23
System Overview
This chapter presents an overview of the ShoreTel system, including a description of the
system capacity, to guide you in planning your solution.
2.1 Checklist
Review the following topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
2.2 ShoreTel Distributed IP Voice Architecture
The ShoreTel system is a completely distributed voice communication solution with no
single point of failure, which is layered on top of your IP network. At the heart of the
system is the standards-based Distributed IP Voice Architecture (Figure 2-1), which
uniquely distributes call control intelligence to voice switches connected anywhere on the
IP network. In addition, the Distributed IP Voice Architecture distributes voice
applications, including voice mail systems and automated attendants, to servers across
locations, rather than centralizing applications at the network core.
The resulting solution provides a single image system for all locations and all voice
applications. Multiple PBXs, voice mail systems, automated attendants, or ACD systems—
each with their own dedicated management interface—are phone systems of the past. The
ShoreTel system is distributed, the voice applications are bundled, and the management
interface is integrated.
Task Description
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Distributed Call Control page 24
Distributed Applications Platform page 25
Single System Management page 25
Integrated Applications page 28
Desktop Applications page 34
Voice Switches page 35
ShoreTel IP Phones and Devices page 35
System Capacity page 41
Table 2-1 System Overview Checklist
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