ShoreTel 11.1 231
Server Installation
This chapter describes installation procedures for main and distributed ShoreWare servers.
Review the following server installation topics before moving on to the next chapter:
17.1 Installing ShoreTel Software
Before beginning software installation, close all programs and verify that no anti-virus
software is running.
Install the ShoreWare server onto an NTFS partition. Do not install the ShoreWare server
software onto a FAT partition, especially the ShoreTel data folder. FAT partitions are
restricted to 16-bit DOS addressing methods, which limit the size of the partition to 2 GB
(insufficient for the ShoreTel application).
Prior to installing the software, verify that the Data Execution Prevention settings have
been set correctly.
Installing ShoreTel Server Software Basic Concepts:
The default parameters presented by the ShoreTel installer are recommended. However, if
ShoreTel software is to be located in a different location, select the correct installation path
during the install process.
ShoreTel Server Setup checks for prerequisite software. If the required software is not
installed, setup will automatically stop and it will be necessary to install the proper
prerequisite software before continuing.
When the Install Shield Wizard has completed, you will be prompted to restart your server.
Click “Finish” to restart.
Once the server has restarted, you may be prompted to configure a TAPI service provider.
Enter the appropriate access and area codes and then continue. The system will need to be
restarted. It will typically take 30 to 60 seconds after the operating system is up and
running for the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and the ShoreTel services to
be functional.
Launch ShoreTel Director by clicking the ShoreTel Director desktop icon. If IIS is not yet
running, an error will be displayed.
If this is the first time you are logging into ShoreTel Director, use the default user ID and
password of “admin” and “changeme.” You will also need to register your product.
Installing Software on the Main Server
Installing Software on a Distributed Server
Ensuring Proper Server Performance
Table 17-1 Server Installation Checklist
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