Chapter 17: Server Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 235
NOTE: Make sure Windows PowerShell is not present. Refer to Microsoft
support for information on uninstalling Windows PowerShell.
Step 5 .Upgrade the server operating system to Windows Server 2008 (32-bit). After the
operating system is upgraded, you must activate the operating system prior to
installing ShoreTel Server software.
Do nut use Autorun from the Windows Server 2008 CD. Autorun will only
allow a new installation of Windows 2008.
Warining: If you did not disable Active Direcotry prior to upgrading to
Windows 2008 and Active Directory is then enabled after upgrading, you will
not be able to access ShoreTel Director.
Step 6 Ensure that the Application Server Roles and Web Server Roles are configured.
Step 7 Install the ShoreTel Server software.
Step 8 Restore the Configuration and CDR database files.
Refer to the ShoreTel Administrator Guide for instruction on restoring a backup
copy of a ShoreTel database
NOTE: Active Directory Login will not be available after upgrading to Windows
17.3.1 Existing HQ server hardware will not support the 64-bit
version of Windows Server 2008 (R2)
Step 1 Disable Active Directory and Distribute d Database, if enabled
Step 2 Backup the existing ShoreTel data files
Step 3 Backup the existing ShoreTel databases
Step 4 Record the IP address, gateway IP address, netmask value and other network
parameters of the current server
Step 5 Bring down the current system and Install Windows 2008 R2 on new hardware
Step 6 Set the network values on the new server to match what was recorded from the
old server
Step 7 Prepare the new operating system with the necessary components (Application
Server Role Services, Web Server Role Services, SMTP Server, etc.
Step 8 Copy the Shoreline Data backup in the proper location
Step 9 Install ShoreTel 11 on the new platform
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