ShoreTel 11.1 239
Desktop Installation
This chapter describes the procedure for installing ShoreTel Communicator on desktop
computers. You can install ShoreTel Communicator or have users install ShoreTel
Communicator, in which case the server can notify them with information on their
extensions and how to install the ShoreTel Communicator.
18.1 Checklist
Review the following installation topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
See Chapter 18, starting on page 239 for all hardware and software requirements for the
ShoreWare ShoreTel Communicator application.
18.2 Recommendations
The following recommendations will assist you in installing the ShoreTel Communicator
application on your desktop computer.
Verify you have your server name, user name, password, and extension number.
These are required when you start the ShoreTel Communicator application for the
first time.
Close all applications before starting the ShoreWare software installation.
With the Silent Client Install feature, the client software upgrade process on remote
machines do not require administrative rights by the person installing or upgrading
software on client machines. Administrators can upgrade the software on all client
machines, using Active Directory Group Policies, regardless of the permissions
associated with those machines or the users who log into those machines.
Task Description
Recommendations page 239
Notifying Users via Email page 240
Installation Procedure page 240
Installing Outlook Integration page 246
Upgrade Procedures page 248
User Licensing page 248
Other Considerations page 251
Table 18-1 Desktop Installation Checklist
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