Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
Many of the changes are reliant on Microsoft Active Directory. Microsoft Outlook
must be configured in “Corporate or Workgroup” mode for Outlook integration to
function properly. “Internet Only” mode is not supported.
18.3 Notifying Users via Email
To simplify installation, the ShoreTel system provides an integrated software distribution
feature. Using ShoreWare Director, the system administrator can send an email message to
each user configured with an email address.
You can send all users, some users, or just one user an email message using the Notify
Users page (Figure 18-1).
18.4 Installation Procedure
This section provides the most typical steps associated with installing the ShoreWare
ShoreTel Communicator application. There are two methods of installing ShoreTel
Communicator software:
Silent Client Upgrade
Standard Integrated Software Distribution
18.4.1 Silent Client Upgrade
The Silent Client Upgrade process allows for the upgrading of the client software on remote
machines such that administrative rights are no longer needed by the person running the
install/upgrade or the client machines. An administrator can easily upgrade the software on
all client machines regardless of the permissions associated with those machines or the
users who log into those machines.
Many of the changes are reliant on Microsoft Active Directory. The Microsoft Active
Directory software handles the following tasks:
Create a Group Policy Object to use to distribute the software package
Assign a package to a group of computers running Windows 2003, or XP
Professional, or Vista
Publish a package
Remove a package
You will need to install the following files from the Client DVD with file permissions set to
Share and File level Access by group <everyone>:
ShoreWare Call Manger.msi
Figure 18-1 Notify Users page
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