Chapter 18: Desktop Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 245
Step 9 When prompted to restart your computer (Figure 18-10), click Yes. The
InstallShield Wizard shuts down your computer, and restarts it.
When your desktop reappears, you will notice a new shortcut icon called
Shortcut to ShoreTel Communicator.
18.4.4 Configure the TAPI Dialing Parameters
The installation of the ShoreTel Communicator application will require the user to provide
his area code and dialing rules if not previously configured. When this is required, the
Phone and Modem Options control panel applet will start during the installation to prompt
for the necessary configuration information. To continue, specify the location and area
code information. Additionally, configure the dialing rules section with the appropriate
information for dialing external and long distance numbers. When the information is
configured and the OK button is pressed, the installation will continue.
18.4.5 Starting the ShoreTel Communicator Application
The ShoreTel Communicator application can be started in one of three ways:
Automatically upon system startup
From the Shortcut to ShoreTel Communicator icon on the desktop
From the Start > Programs > ShoreTel menu item
The first time the ShoreTel Communicator application is started, a wizard appears,
prompting you to configure your ShoreTel Communicator server, voice mail box
If you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, ShoreTel Communicator will
offer to install Outlook integrated voice mail. Click Yes to have your voice mail delivered to
your Microsoft Outlook Inbox. You will also be prompted to configure AutoStart.
At this point you have completed the most typical steps associated with installing the
ShoreTel Communicator application. Additional procedures are described in the following
Figure 18-10 InstallShield Wizard Restart Prompt
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