Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
18.5 Installing Outlook Integration
You can integrate Outlook to ShoreTel Communicator in three areas: voice mail, call
handling, and memorized phone number management. You can install these integrated
components from the Outlook tab of the ShoreTel System dialog box.
NOTE: Users who are not local administrators will not be able to install
Communicator and Outlook voice Mail/Calendar Integration.
18.5.1 Installing Voice Mail Integration
After you have installed voice mail integration, you have the option to:
Use Outlook as the default voice mail client
Attach voice mail to messages when moved
Delete voice mail from messages when moved Attach Voice Mail to Message when Moved
Check this option for your voice mail message to be saved in your Outlook folders for
archival purposes. If you move a message to an Outlook folder when this option is in effect
(and the Delete Voice Mail from Message when Moved option, described below, is not
selected), a copy of the message is still stored on the voice mail server. If you delete the
message in the voice mail interface, the Outlook copy is still available.
If you move a message without this option in effect and delete the message in the voice
mail interface, the message information is still in Outlook, but the message itself is
unavailable. Delete Voice Mail from Message when Moved
Check this option to delete your voice mail messages from the ShoreTel System if you move
a voice mail message to an Outlook folder. This is used to store messages in Outlook and
free your voice mailbox for more messages.
To install voice mail integration:
Step 1 In the ShoreTel Communicator tool bar, click the ShoreTel icon. A shortcut
menu appears.
Step 2 Click Configure ShoreTel System. The ShoreTel System dialog box appears.
Step 3 Click the Outlook tab as shown in Figure 18-11.
Step 4 Click Install. In some cases, a warning appears requesting that you close
running applications before continuing. Close the applications as requested.
18.5.2 Installing Automatic Call Handling
Although the ShoreTel Communicator installation installs the components for Microsoft
Outlook integrated voice messaging, it does not install the components for the Microsoft
Outlook Automated Call Handing feature. You install these components from the ShoreTel
System control panel.
To install Automatic Call Handling:
Step 1 Right-click the ShoreTel Communicator icon in the Windows taskbar tray.
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