Chapter 18: Desktop Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 251
Self-Audited License Types:
ShoreTel Communicator with Personal Access
Remote Server Software License
SIP Trunk License
TAPI Application Server License
Phone API License
18.8 Other Considerations
18.8.1 Windows Accounts and the ShoreTel Communicator
You must log in to your computer with your Windows account information to gain access
to the ShoreTel Communicator application. If multiple users share the same computer, they
must have separate Windows accounts to gain access to the ShoreTel Communicator
Be sure to install ShoreTel Communicator on the computer using the Adminaccount.When
new users log in to Windows, they will see the ShoreTel Communicator icon on the
desktop. The first time this ShoreTel Communicator is selected, the user is stepped through
a “Getting Started” wizard.
18.8.2 Changing the Server Name
If the ShoreTel server name has changed, update the name of the server under Settings/
ShoreTel login.
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