ShoreTel 11.1 253
This chapter provides the requirements and other information for implementing the cut-
over from your existing telephone system to the ShoreTel system.
19.1 Checklist
You must complete the following tasks before proceeding to the next chapter:
19.2 Cut-Over Requirements
As cut-over approaches, you should review and confirm your plan, assemble the cut-over
tools, and line up resources to support the cut-over.
19.2.1 Cut-Over Worksheet
The cut-over worksheet is used by the installer during the cut-over to move all end-users
from the old system to the new. It is extremely important that the cut-over worksheet be
prepared before the cut-over begins. You can use the cut-over worksheet at the end of this
chapter to document all new and existing connections. A soft copy of this form is available
in a planning and installation workbook from ShoreTel. Make copies as necessary.
Use a pencil when preparing the cut-over worksheets, to allow for changes that may occur
during the cut-over.
19.2.2 New Trunks
New trunks should be installed before cut-over. This allows time for them to be terminated,
configured, and tested with the ShoreTel system.
Task Owner Status
Confirm your telephony service orders with the telephone company.
Ensure that all end-user reference guides are distributed.
Make a copy of the site’s floor plan.
Schedule your cut-over support.
Test all telephones and telephone lines.
Test the call flow, auto-attendant, and other services.
Confirm that cut-over coverage has been assigned and scheduled.
Table 19-1 Cutover Checklist
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