Appendix A: International Planning and Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 265
Edit User panel: The Edit User panel, shown in Figure A-4, specifies the language
prompts used for the user’s telephone interface and voicemail prompts.
To access the Edit User panel, select Administration -> Users -> Individual Users ->
from the main menu, then click on the name of the desired user.
In language priority, a workgroup language overrides the language associated with a trunk,
which in turn overrides the language associated with an individual user.
A.3 Analog Telephones, Tones, Cadences, and
For all supported countries, standard analog telephones are available on a per-country
basis. The main difference between telephones in different countries is the line impedance.
The ShoreWare Distributed Call Control software will provide the appropriate impedance
required for each supported country. Tones, cadences, and impedance requirements are
matched on a per-country basis.
A.4 Dialing Plan Considerations
When planning a global voice network, remember that the ShoreTel system is a single
image system and that you must consider all countries and locations when designing the
international dialing plan. The ShoreTel system can match the dialing plan requirements of
the local service provider for the supported countries.
Figure A-4 Language set at User level
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