ShoreTel 11.1 271
IP Phone Configuration
ShoreTel IP phones are preconfigured by ShoreTel to work in conjunction with your
ShoreTel system and your network’s Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.
Once the servers are configured, you simply plug the phones into the network and they are
automatically added to your ShoreTel system.
The ShoreTel server provides the IP phones with the latest application software and the
configuration information that enables the IP phone to be automatically added to the
ShoreTel system. The ShoreTel server’s address must be provided to the phone as a vendor-
specific option.
For information on configuring DHCP for the IP phones, see Section 9.7 on page 123 and
Section 16.3.6 on page 228.
However, if you are installing ShorePhone IP phones in a network without a DHCP server,
you must set the IP parameters manually through the phone interface.
C.1 Manually Configuring ShorePhones
If you are not using a DHCP server to provide the IP address and configuration parameters
to the phone, you need to manually set configuration parameters on the phone.
You can enter the phone configuration menu at bootup or by entering a key sequence from
the phone’s keypad.
To manually configure a ShorePhone at bootup:
Step 1 Connect the Ethernet cable into the data jack on the back of the IP phone or
BB24 device.
Step 2 At the Password prompt, enter the default password 1234, or the password
provided by your system administrator, followed by the # key.
You have four seconds to enter the password, after which the phone enters
normal operation with its current settings.
The default password can be changed in ShoreWare Director. For more
information, see the ShoreTel Administration Guide.
The BB24 setup screen can be accessed by pressing the upper leftmost and
lower rightmost buttons.
Step 3 Enter the values listed in Table C-1 when prompted. Press # to advance to the
next settings or * to exit.
The phone downloads the latest bootROM and firmware from the ShoreTel server and in
the process, reboots several times. When the phone displays the date and time, the boot
and upgrade process is complete.
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