ShoreTel 11.1 277
ShoreWare Clients on Citrix and
Windows Terminal Servers
This appendix describes how to configure Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers to run
ShoreTel Communicator clients.
E.1 Overview
Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and Citrix technologies can dramatically reduce
management overhead in environments where many users use the same set of applications
on similar PC desktops. These technologies allow you to centralize applications and
simplify application management and upgrades. Additionally, these technologies allow you
to remotely assist and support users with application questions or issues.
This appendix provides information specific to running ShoreWare clients. For complete
information on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix technologies, see the documentation
available online at the Microsoft or Citrix Web sites.
E.2 Citrix XenApp Environment Best Practices
ShoreTel recommends the following best practice guidelines for computers running
ShoreTel on XenApp servers:
Use only Citrix-ready anti-virus on their XenApp server
Run XenApp and ShoreWare servers on a Citrix qualified server platform
E.3 Installing ShoreTel Communicator on WTS or
ShoreTel supports ShoreTel Communicator on the following platforms:
WTS 32-bit
WTS 64-bit
Citrix 32-bit
E.3.1 Initial Installation (all platforms) and Upgrades (32-bit)
The following procedure is required when installing or upgrading ShoreTel Communicator
on 32-bit platforms or when installing ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit platforms. For
instructions on upgrading ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit platforms, refer to Section
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