Planning and Installation Guide Chapter E: ShoreWare Clients on Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers
Step 1 Install ShoreWare client as described in Chapter 18, starting on page 239.
Step 2 Reboot if requested.
Step 3 Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Phone and Modem Options ->
Advanced tab as shown in Figure E-1
Step 4 Remove all ShoreTel providers.
Step 5 Copy the following file “TspInstall.exe” from the headquarters machine
(Program Files > Shoreline Communications > ShoreWare Server) to the Citrix
terminal server. We recommend copying the file to the following location:
c:\program files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Client\
Step 6 From the Citrix terminal server, launch the command prompt by clicking on
the Start bar and selecting Run and typing cmd.
Step 7 Navigate to the directory where the “TspInstall.exe” file was copied and run the
TSPinstall utility as shown in Figure E-1. Make sure you substitute the correct
hostname or IP address of the Headquarters instance of ShoreWare Server. The
syntax of the command is:
TSPinstall -i StServer <HQ servername>
Step 8 Return to the Windows Control Panel and open the Phone and Modem Options
-> Advanced tab.
Step 9 Click on the ShoreTel provider and click Configure to display the ShoreTel
Remote TSP dialog box, as shown in Figure E-3.
Step 10If the ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider is connected to the ShoreWare
Server, the ShoreTel Remote TSP dialog box appears as shown in Figure E-4.
Figure E-1 Phone And Modem Options, Advanced tab
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