Chapter E: ShoreWare Clients on Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 279
Figure E-4 shows an error message in the Provider Status field and has blanks
for the Server Name and Login fields. This indicates a null instance of ShoreTel
Remote TAPI Service Provider and that this provider must be removed.
Step 11To remove the provider, go to the Control Panel and open Phone and Modem
Options, and then select the Advanced tab. Click on ShoreTel Remote TAPI
Service Provider and then click Remove, as shown in Figure E-1.
E.3.2 Upgrading ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit Platforms
To upgrade ShoreTel Communicator on 64-bit platforms, perform the following procedure:
Step 1 Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Phone and Modem Options ->
Advanced tab as shown in Figure E-1
Step 2 Remove all ShoreTel providers.
Step 3 Perform the procedure in Section E.3.2, starting with Step 1.
Figure E-2 TSPInstall Command Line
Figure E-3 Functioning Remote TSP under WTS and Citrix Example
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