Planning and Installation Guide Chapter E: ShoreWare Clients on Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers
E.4 Citrix Application Mode
Citrix supports two application modes: Desktop and Published Application.
For more information, refer to the XenApp Product bulletin available at
E.5 Configuring Other TAPI Applications
Unlike the ShoreTel Communicator installation on a single user system, the TAPI Service
Provider on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix system provides access to all telephony
endpoints. While the ShoreTel Communicator application only accesses the telephone
extension for the appropriate user, care must be taken with third-party TAPI-capable
applications which may be configured to act on any telephone extension.
For example, Micrsoft Outlook and the Windows Dialer can be configured to place calls on
a ShoreTel extension via TAPI. Each of these applications must be configured on a per-user
basis to use the correct line device for that user. Once the Windows Dialer has been
configured, it will store a unique line identifier in the Windows Registry for that user so
that future sessions will always use the correct telephone extension.
Figure E-4 Non-functioning Remote TSP for an Application Server
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