Planning and Installation Guide Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol
Step 12Enter a CESID value in the Caller's Emergency Service Identification (CESID)
field. (optional)
Step 13Select the SIP Trunks check box to the right of the port(s) that will be
associated with a SIP trunk. Each port supports five SIP trunks.
The fax redirect feature will not work with calls that come in on SIP trunks.
Step 14Click the Save button to store your changes.
F.2.1.2 Create a SIP Trunk Group
To create a new SIP trunk group, follow the procedure below:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director and enter the user ID and password.
Step 2 Click on the Administration link to expand the list (if it has not already been
Step 3 Click on the Trunks link to expand the list.
Step 4 Click on the Trunk Groups link.
Step 5 In the Add new trunk group at site drop-down menu, select the location where
the new SIP trunk group will be added. In the of type drop-down menu, select
Figure F-1 Configuring switch for SIP
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