Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 287
Step 6 Click Go to display a window similar to the one shown below.
Step 7 Enter the name of the trunk group in the Name field.
Step 8 Select the desired language for the trunk group in the Language drop-down
Step 9 Select the Teleworker check box if the SIP endpoint is not at the same site as
the trunk group being configured. Selecting Teleworker has the following
effects on the system behavior:
Audio proxies via the SG vs. the RTP are directed to ShoreWare Director or
RTP audio packets are sent in 20 ms audio samplings instead of 10 ms.
The inter-site call codec is used.
Step 10Select the Enable SIP Info for G.711 DTMF Signaling check box to have SIP
information sent between the SIP device and voice mail. Enable this if
connecting two ShoreTel systems with SIP tie trunks. Clear if the trunk is
primarily used to connect a third-party SIP device.
Step 11Select the Enable Digest Authentication check box and enter a user ID and
password for enhanced security. All third-party SIP devices will be required to
have matching information in the associated fields, and the user ID and
Figure F-2 Creating a SIP trunk group (inbound configurations)
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