Planning and Installation Guide Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol
password of the device will be authenticated against the information stored in
the ShoreTel system. (optional)
If checked, any third-party SIP devices that you would like to have access the
ShoreTel system must be configured with the same user ID and password
information that you have entered here.
Step 12Enter the desired number in the Number of Digits from CO field.
Step 13Select the DNIS check box and click the Edit DNIS Map button to add entries
to the DNIS Map.
Step 14Select the DID check box and click the Edit DID Range button to add entries to
the DID Digit Map.
Step 15Select the Extension check box to route calls directly to the extension based on
the number of digits received from the SIP device, and select the appropriate
radio button.
Translation Table - Select this option to use a digit translation table to
ensure that inbound calls are the proper length.
Prepend Dial in Prefix - Select this to prepend inbound calls with a number
that you can specify in the field.
Use Site Extension Prefix - Select this to use the extension prefix associated
with the site.
Step 16Select the Tandem Trunking check box allow a legacy voice system to use a
ShoreTel system for outbound dialing.
User Group - Tandem calls are associated with a user group for outbound
trunk selection. In-bound calls that are recognized as tandem calls are then
redirected to an outbound trunk based on the call permissions and trunk
group access associated with the user group set in Director.
Dial in Prefix - When needed, you can specify a “dial in prefix” which is
prepended to digits collected on tandem calls. The concatenated set of
digits is then be used in outbound trunk selection for the tandem call.
Step 17Click Save to store your changes.
To configure the outbound options for this trunk group:
Step 1 Continue scrolling down to display a window similar to the one below:
Step 2 Enter the appropriate trunk access code for this trunk group in the Access
Code field. This is typically “9” in the U.S. and Canada.
Step 3 Enter the local area code for this trunk group in the Local Area Code field.
Step 4 Select the Local check box to enable local calls.
Step 5 Select the Long Distance check box to enable long-distance calls.
Step 6 Select the International check box to enable international calls.
Step 7 Select the n11 check box to enable telephone service calls, such as directory
assistance (e.g., 411 or 611, but not 911, which is specified below.)
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