ShoreTel 11 293
Installing and Configuring Reverse
Proxy Servers for ShoreTel
Communicator for iPhone
ShoreTel Communicator for iPhone can communicate with the ShoreTel UC system via the
cellular data network or WIFI. A VPN connection must be used, unless the system uses a
configured reverse proxy server.
The data transmitted through the server is not encrypted by default. An option to configure
secure communication using SSL is available, and requires an additional reverse proxy
server. A VPN connection is not required in this configuration.
To fully set up a Reverse Proxy you would need an Apache server version 2.2 or higher, and
a SSL Certificate from a Root Certificate Authority. The system supports a self-signed
certificate, however, the users will receive a warning each time the application is launched.
This is not recommended for production deployments
G.1 Reverse Proxy Settings
Each ShoreTel user is associated with a ShoreTel HQ or DVS Server defined by the user's
association to a Site in Director. The Server handles ShoreTel Communicator requests to
perform telephony, voicemail, and other actions. In a reverse proxy configuration, a user
must use the proxy configuration which will connect the user directly to his Server.
In the case where the user re-assigns his extension to a phone associated to a server
different from the server associated with the proxy definition, Communicator for iPhone
will not display call history.
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