Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 301
FXO Foreign Exchange Office. An FXO interface connects to the public switched telephone
network (PSTN) central office and is the interface offered on a standard telephone. An FXO
interface is used for trunks, tie lines, or connections to a PSTN CO or PBX that does not
support E&M signaling (when local telecommunications authority permits).
FXS Foreign Exchange Station. An FXS interface supplies ring, voltage and dial tone for
basic telephone equipment, keysets, and PBXs. The FXO interface is useful for off-premises
station applications.
Greeting The voice recording sent to the caller when a call is answered by voice mail or by
the auto-attendant; usually a single file, and not the concatenation of smaller phrases.
GUI In ShoreTel documentation, the graphical user interface presented to the user as part of
the software application that runs on the user’s workstation.
Handled Call A call answered by an employee or a device, such as an auto-attendant or voice
mail, as opposed to being blocked or abandoned.
Hang Up The act of putting the telephone receiver back on the hook to indicate to the
telephone system that the user is done with the call.
Hold As in “on hold”; the situation in which a caller is placed in the user’s call management
stack for later handling.
Internal Call A telephone call dialed between internal extensions.
Java The platform-independent programming language developed by Sun Microsystems for
providing complete programs, including animated graphics.
Line See Trunk.
Loop Start One of the mechanisms used to signal the telephone system that the calling party
wants to make a call. Loop start is a completion of the circuit using a set load between the
two wires (tip and ring).
Message Notification A set of features that inform the user that a new message has arrived in
his or her voice mailbox, such as lighting the call-waiting lamp, paging the user, or dialing
a telephone number.
Music-on-Hold (MOH) Background music heard when callers are put on hold, letting them
know they are still connected. Most telephone systems have the ability to connect to any
sound-producing device—for example, a radio, a cassette, or a CD player.
On Hook/Off Hook The state of the telephone as being either on the hook (hung up) or off
the hook and seizing the line.
Operator The person who monitors the telephone system and transfers calls to the
appropriate extensions.
Outside Caller See Caller.
PBX Private Branch Exchange; a term used by telephone companies to indicate equipment
that is located on the customer’s premises and that can route telephone calls.
Permissions Privileges granted to each user with respect to what data, features, menus, or
calling options may be used. Permissions are under the control of the system administrator.
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