Chapter 2: System Overview Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 39
The ShoreTel IP560g telephone requires a gigabit-compatible Power over Ethernet
(POE) power supply that complies with The 560g phone is a Class 3
device with a maximum consumption of 8.2 watts. Please use 8.2 watts for capacity
planning with Gig POE switches on multiple deployments.
The 560g model requires more power than the other ShoreTel models, and thus the
560g phone is not compatible with the ShorePhone power adapter used with other
ShoreTel phone models.
The 560g model cannot be daisy-chained from the Button Box (BB24). The BB24
passthrough power is limited to Class 2 devices and the 560g is a Class 3 device.
This means the BB24 cannot forward adequate power to an IP 560g phone.
The ShoreTel IP560g telephone requires the use of Category 5e or Category 6
Ethernet cables. Using Category 5 Ethernet cables is not officially supported and
may lead to lower connection speed and/or performance issues during high-data
transfer scenarios.
2.11.9 ShorePhone-IP565g
The ShorePhone-IP565g is a high-end phone designed for executives, assistants, and
operators who handle high call volumes and share call flows with other users, yet require
the benefit of 1000BaseT operations, and who want the ability to use a Bluetooth wireless
Key features include:
3.5-inch TFT-LCD Color display with backlighting
Ability to download and display a 24-bit .bmp “wallpaper” file
Support for some Bluetooth wireless headset models
Supports 10BaseT, 100BaseT, and 1000BaseT operations
Six tri-color custom buttons that can be used for line appearance and other
Eight function keys (Voice Mail, Transfer, Options, Conference, Directory,
Intercom, Redial, Hold)
Four soft keys
Gigabit Ethernet Switch port for connecting a PC to the back of the phone.
Caller ID displayed for up to six calls simultaneously
Monitoring for up to five extensions
InstaDial functionality in which calls are automatically transferred after digit
collection stops and a configurable timeout period has expired
Automatic Off-Hook Preference that lets users select which audio path (speaker,
headset, wireless headset, or Bluetooth) is auto-activated when calls are sent or
Support for basic media encryption for calls inside a ShoreTel network
Support for programmable buttons and extension monitoring
Support for two-line caller ID display feature, which displays the caller name and
number on two separate lines for in-coming calls and outbound calls
Ability to load custom ring tones in .wav file format
Built-in handset lifting functionality to support certain Plantronics wireless headset
Installation Notes:
The ShoreTel IP565g telephone requires a gigabit-compatible Power over Ethernet
(POE) power supply that complies with The 565g phone is a Class 3
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