Chapter 2: System Overview Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 41
InstaDialâ„¢ functionality in which calls are automatically transferred after digit
collection stops and a configurable timeout period has expired
Automatic Off-Hook with user selectable audio path (speaker, headset, or wireless
headset) when calls are dialed or answered
Support for media encryption for calls to other ShoreTel IP Phones and trunks
Support for caller ID display of name and number as well as Trunk Group and
Workgroup information for certain calls
Large, readable fonts
Installation Notes:
The ShoreTel IP655 telephone requires Power over Ethernet (POE) power supply
that complies with The 655 phone is a Class 3 device with a maximum
consumption of 8.2 watts. Please use 8.2 watts for capacity planning with Gig POE
switches on multiple deployments.
The 655 model requires more power than the other ShoreTel models, and is thus
not compatible with the ShorePhone power adapter used with other ShoreTel
phone models.
The ShoreTel IP655 telephone requires the use of Category 5e or Category 6 Ethernet
cables. Using Category 5 Ethernet cables is not officially supported and may lead to lower
connection speed and/or performance issues during high-data transfer scenarios.
The ShoreTel 24 IP Button Box provides additional shortcut functions for users of the
multiline phones. The BB24 behaves like an additional set of 24 custom buttons in
additional to the buttons that already exist on the multiline phones.
Key features include:
Twenty-four custom keys
Ability to assign up to 4 Button Boxes to a multiline phone
Support for Programmable Buttons feature
Ability for each user to define layouts for up to four BB24's thus allowing a
maximum of about 100 programmable buttons for most phones (exact number
varies depending on which phone the BB24 is connected)
Custom buttons in which each is an LED-enabled hard key and has an associated 6
character label on the LCD
Ethernet Switch port for connecting a PC to the back of the phone
Ability to forward power to one additional unpowered device to support a daisy-
chain configuration
For detailed information on available options and how to use them, refer to the ShoreTel
Programmable Buttons User Guide.
For installation instructions, refer to the ShoreTel 24 IP Button Box Quick Install Guide.
2.12 System Capacity
The ShoreTel Release 11 system can scale incrementally up to 10,000 ports (users and/or
trunks) representing 500 ShoreGear voice switches over the entire system. The system is
completely nonblocking and can support 5,000 simultaneous calls at a rate of 50,000 calls
per hour (depending upon server configurations).
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