Chapter 2: System Overview Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 45
The following tables contain information on how to select a server for your ShoreTel
Server requirements are specified in 3 tiers: servers for small systems that support up to 500
users, servers for medium sized systems that support up to 2,500 users, and servers for
large systems that support up to 10,000 users. The following table describes the key
capacity limits for each of the new server tiers.
NOTE: Busy Hour Call Completion (BHCC) includes all traffic that can occur in that
server - regular voice calls, workgroup calls, voicemail etc.
1BHCC (Busy Hour Call Completion) per system is the total number of calls in the system
during the busy hour including internal and external calls and including calls terminated
to desk phones, softphones, trunks, or server applications such as voicemail.
2 BHCC per server is based on the number of calls actually handled by the server during
the business hour including workgroup calls in menus and queues, auto-attendant calls
and calls to the voicemail service.
3 The ShoreTel report generation tools that run on the server are configured by default to
run at a lower priority than other, more critical services. A light demand of report
generation should have little or no affect on a server with adequate minimum performance
specifications. If you are a heavy report user or experience any degradation of voicemail or
other server prompts on an underpowered server, you must move up to the next tier level
of servers.
To select a server for your new system deployment, first consult the sizing table and
determine the tier of the server needed using the system and per server specifications.
Then match that size (small, medium, or large) to the server requirements below.
NOTE: The new hardware specifications are to be used to size servers running ShoreTel's
Headquarters server software as well as ShoreTel's Distributed Voice Services software. For
exmaple, consider a 2 location system with 2,000 users and 20,000 BHCC. A Headquarters
server is located at the main site and a Distributed Voice Services server is located at the
number of
users per
number of
users assigned
per Server
System BHCC1
Maximum BHCC
per server2
Reports run outside
business hours
Maximum BHCC
per server2
Reports run during
business hours
Small 500 500 5,000 1,000 Not Recommended3
Medium 2,500 1,000 25,000 5,000 1,000
Large 10,000 1,000 50,000 10,000 5,000
Table 2-3 System and Service Capacities
Size Processor RAM Network
Small Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, Single Dual Core 3.00
GHz or Intel® Core™ i3-540 Processor (4M
Cache, 3.06 GHz)
4 GB 100 T-Base
Medium Intel Xeon 5520 Single Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB 100 Base-T or
Gigabit Ethernet
Large Intel Xeon 5520 Dual Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB Gigabit Ethernet
Table 2-4 Server Specifications
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