Planning and Installation GuideChapter 2: System Overview
You can have 8 hunt groups on a switch. Each hunt group can have up to 16 members and
each hunt group can have a call stack of 24. The maximum number of members across all
groups on the switch also has to remain below 16. For instance, you could have one hunt
group of 16 members or 2 hunt groups with 8 members each. Bridged Call Appearances
With Bridged Call Appearances (BCA), additional processor load is related to the call
control signaling transmission to the buttons that have been programmed on the ShoreTel
IP phones. If a single BCA with a call stack of one is configured on a phone, this represents
one load. However, if that same BCA were to appear on 24 different phones, that would
represent 24 times more call signaling load than if the BCA were to appear on one phone.
The switch is capable of handling 24 BCAs, with a call stack depth of 24 and up to 32
phones monitoring a single BCA. If there are no hunt groups on the switch, it is possible for
the switch to support up to 160 buttons programmed to monitor BCAs. Pickup Groups
Pickup Groups place an additional load on the processor related to tracking the extensions
in the group (although the actual real-time load is rather light and is not factored into the
real time equation).
The switch is capable of supporting 16 pickup groups with a maximum of 24 members in
the group. The total number of members in all groups on the switch must not exceed 80. Real Time Capacity
In addition to the overall feature capacity limit, you should calculate the real-time load on
the switch using the formula below:
Thus, with the following configurations:
a hunt group with four members and a call stack of four
a second hunt group with eight members and a call stack of three
ten phones, each monitoring four BCA
You would have room to spare:
HG 1+ HG 2 + BCAs = Total
4 x 4 + 8 x 3 + (10 x 4)/2 = 60
16 + 24 + 20 = 60
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