Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 4: Routing Calls
4.4 Direct All Calls to a Live Operator
Some companies choose to answer all inbound calls during business hours with a live
operator to give callers a more personal experience. If you use a live operator, the most
important thing to remember is that the operator’s telephone must always be staffed.
ShoreTel recommends the following:
Use the ShoreTel Communicator - Operator Access software, because the standard
telephone without ShoreTel Communicator manages only a single call at a time.
When a second call arrives, using the Flash button invokes call waiting, generating
a swap hold situation in which calls cannot be transferred. This problem is
eliminated when you use the ShoreTel Communicator - Operator Access software.
If the organization is a large one, consider using the ShorePhone-BB24 button box.
The button box provides additional shortcut functions for ShorePhone multiline
phones. The button box behaves like an additional set of 24 custom buttons that
can be used by the operator to quickly and easily route calls to executives and to
other employees who receive a high volume of phone calls. A maximum of 4 BB24
devices can be connected to each multiline phone.
Figure 4-1 Auto-Attendant Call Routing
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