Chapter 4: Routing Calls Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 61
4.5.1 Trunk Considerations
When using Direct Inward Dial, you must use analog wink-start, digital wink-start, SIP or
T1/E1 PRI trunks. The ShoreTel system can receive Automatic Number Identification
(ANI) over analog and digital wink-start trunks as well as Caller ID Number over T1/E1
Features available on trunks vary by trunk type. See Chapter 5, starting on page 67, for
more information.
4.5.2 After-Hours Call Routing
By routing all calls to the individual extensions, each individual user and workgroup
defines its after-hours call handling.
4.5.3 Example of Direct Inward Dial Call Routing
In the illustration shown in Figure 4-3, all calls are received by workgroups or by
Figure 4-2 Operator Call Routing
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