Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 4: Routing Calls
4.7 Analyze Outbound Call Routing
In general, you should have trunks at every site that support both outbound and inbound
calling. Here are some general comments about outbound trunking:
ISDN PRI provides the most feature-rich inbound and outbound calling
This includes the support for Caller ID, DID, and DNIS. Caller ID Number is
supported for both inbound and outbound calls. Caller ID Name is supported only
on inbound NI-2 trunks (with the exception of outbound calls to off-system
SIP trunks can be used to place outbound calls.
Analog wink-start trunks do not support outbound calls.
You may want to purchase some analog loop-start trunks for emergency dial tone in
case of total power failure. For more information, see Section 5.3.1 on page 68.
Figure 4-4 Blended Call Routing
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